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What is Conjugate??

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The Conjugate System is a series of rotation of exercises or constantly varied. In training, what works for you know will not always work for you. To avoid becoming victim to the law of accommodation, it is necessary to have constant variation. Simply put, if you want to keep making progress, you must constantly bring in a new stimulus. We are always changing our compound movements (squat, bench, deadlift) so we do not develop any glaring weaknesses, lower injury rates and increase output. So how do you vary these compound movements? What does that look like? At Sweatt Shop we utilize bands, chains and specialty bars to constantly change our movements. This allows our athletes to consistently make progress while helping them adapt to change easier and faster. You must be exposed to at least 15% new movements a year to continue to learn movements at the fastest rate possible, so we create a rotation in our programming that is always exposing our members to new lifts. No matter if you are a pro athlete or elderly training client, same concepts apply. Always rotate your exercises!

Increasing output and lowering injury rates are key, but this is not the only reason we rotate our exercises. Constant variation is also more fun, taking psychological stress off you! Well laid out training should not only build you physically but psychologically as well. Many times, new clients will come to us saying, “I tried working out on my own and I did the same thing every day. It was fine at first, but then I stopped making progress and I got bored.” Why did this happen? No variation! By doing the same exercises, your body will adapt, and those increases will plateau. Of course, you will get bored and lose interest because nobody likes to feel “stuck.” Constant variation allows us to never go through the same workout twice which will peak an athlete’s interest. Also, it will be months before they come back to a variation they have already done. Say it has been six months since they have done a straight weight squat but the week before they used the same weight as their straight weight with 100 pounds of band tension at the top. Think they are worried about hitting a PR on straight weight again? NO WAY! They are psychologically in a good positive place because they know they will have an improvement. This is the point of constant variation. Making athletes who can physically and psychologically handle anything that comes their way.

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